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Technical Writer Jobs Opening for Tvarana, Hyderabad, Telangana

Title: Technical Writter
Location: Hyderabad
Job Information: 

Responsible to translate complex data into user-friendly text for print and electronic publications, such as project related documentation, user manuals, technical proposals and websites.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for developing written content that can be published on the website/social networking sites and also external/internal project related documentation.
  • Develop content about the company / projects that can be published online.
  • Write technical direction on product announcements, marketing brochures, advertisements, and marketing specifications.
  • Develop technical proposals in coordination with technical and BD team based on the requirement of the client.
  • Coordinate with BD team to understand their requirements and to develop the content that will compliment BD efforts.
  • Review content / technical write-ups periodically to improve and update the same.
  • Ensure technical verbiage is easy to understand by the layperson.
  • Ensure consistency in content write up across various forums.
  • Respond promptly to stakeholder requests (Technical / BD / HR), collate and disseminate relevant information, and effectively prioritise responses to stakeholders.

Apply Now:

Contact Location:
INDIA Office – Corporate Headquarters
A1, Quadrant 3, 2nd Floor,
Cyber Towers,
Hyderabad,Telangana – 500081
Phone: +91 40-64591232


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